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Creativity in research : the Magic Kingdom ?

Terug naar publicaties Develop your creative potential to maximize your impact in the organization (Presentation for Market Research Commission UBA, by Corinne Rosinski – 2005)

This presentation shows how Market Researchers can develop their creative potential to maximize their impact in the Organization.
The "magic" of mixing the world of "research" with "creativity" is revealed: a strong combination of rigour in our thinking and our process together with creativity in our approach, to ensure outstanding results for the business ("rigorous creativity").

The two key pillars of Creativity in Research are presented: new processes and approaches in Research Methods to get more out of research; increase the scope of the Researcher Role to have more impact and better contribute to business growth. The paper presents the 5 key behaviours which are needed to inspire creative change and also the "toolbox" to get freshness in our thinking and processes.

A concrete case is presented to illustrate how to put these principles into practice and the paper ends with the key message: we can all make it and it is very satisfactory for everyone: ourselves, the company and the consumer (the "Magic Kingdom").

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