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January 2022

Many creative ways to conduct quali online research in 2022

In this 2 minutes video, you will get a flavour of the types of studies and tools we use for agile quali online research in 2022, for inspiring and actionable insights. Click on following link : Don't hesitate to contact us. 
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November 2021

Brands after COVID-19 - Reborn ? - qualitative survey on Young Adults - BABM Webinar - November 2021

Thanks to BABM for giving us the opportunity to share the insights of our latest qualilative study on ‘Young adults’ during the webinar of November 25 ! We really hope this will inspire companies & brands in their strategies & action plans and that it will contribute in keeping building meaningful brands for people and planet 
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January 2021

Webinar ‘Brands after COVID-19 : Get inspired by consumers’

What do consumers expect from brands/companies in the new normal ? If interested, please join Corinne Rosinski from JPCR on the SolvaySchoolsAlumni webinar on February 2 @5 PM All details here :  
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November 2020

Brands after COVID-19 – Get inspired by consumers – New normal - update - November 2020

In May 2020, JPCR launched a qualitative-‘co-creation’ research to inspire brands after COVID-19. In October 2020, we updated this research with 120 Belgian consumers, in this ‘new normal’ period. Themes:
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