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Participative online qualitative research with our Vox Populi platform

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« Ad-hoc » projects or through dedicated « Client Research Communities »

Methods : variety of methods, which can be combined in the same project


  • Online individual interviews
  • Consumer/shopper online diaries, ethnography, customer journey

Collective :

  • Blogs/forums (combines individual answers and interactions between participants)
  • « Co-creation » communities
  • Online focus group / chat

B2C and B2B, all sectors, all targets including in-companies (employee satisfaction survey, innovation board with the staff…).

Our participative online qualitative methodologies (blogs, communities…) offer many benefits:

Quality and in-depth answers, rich insights

Combines individual answers/reflections and collective interaction (individual AND collective).

Participants are in their private sphere, the experience is more authentic. Also for more intimate topics.

Proximity of the experience. Opportunity to give « missions » to participants (e.g. ethno and shopper reportages, consumer diaries, customer journey, « on the go » reportages (e.g., media/advertising) …with photos, videos…

Opportunity to give creative missions to participants (e.g., through « collages ») and develop ideas through the collaborative dynamic

Tailor-made approach and wide range of applications opportunities : from short/’focused’ projects (e.g., concept tests, communication tests, user experience tests (website, app…), customer experience… with quick results) to large, ‘strategic’ 360° projects combining exploration, co-creation and test of stimuli (blogs of 1 week and more, depending on the topics)

Cost effective. Richness and actionability of the insights for an attractive budget

High flexibility, opportunity for quick set-up and fast sharing of insights with internal teams

Convivial and ‘responsive’ platform : flexibility to answer with PC, tablet, smartphone…for even more richness and interactivity

Engagement/motivation of participants through our rigorous and personal upfront ‘casting’ of participants

‘Artisanal’ in-depth moderation, one-to-one, by senior moderators

Rich and playful experience for the participants, through the questions, missions, interactions and with the convivial platform (ergonomy, emoticons, multimedia…)

Opportunity for participants to easily download multimedia material (photos, videos…). Richness of the collected material (e.g., ethnographic/shopper reportages, co-creation…)

Flexibility for participants to login whenever convenient (asynchronous blog), which makes the blog accessible to all kinds of targets, even more difficult to reach in offline research

Consumers connection in real time for internal teams : as many access as desired

Opportunity to create dedicated ‘Client Research Communities’, allowing to conduct regular waves in a quick, efficient and cost effective way

All kinds of targets : consumers, business, employees