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Traditional offline qualitative research (B2C and B2B)

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Our methods:

  • Group discussions
  • Mini-groups (duos, triads, quads)
  • In-depth individual interviews
  • « Ethnographic » consumer interviews, at home
  • Shopper interviews (with accompanied shopping visit)
  • Reconnect with the consumer/shopper (Consumer Day, Shopper Day…)

Our philosophy:

  • Importance of an in-depth briefing meeting for a good understanding of the business objectives/challenges. A good preparation of the research upfront with the internal teams is also key, in order to maximize the value and actionability of the results.
  • « Tailor made » approach to meet the research objectives.
  • « Sequential recycling » approach: leverage the learnings from the first groups/interviews in order to optimize the « stimuli » and maximize the outcomes.
  • Close collaboration with client teams throughout the research (importance to attend fieldwork, regular feed-back…)
  • « Reconnect » approaches to immerse internal teams into consumers/shoppers reality, inspire them, help them to step back…
  • Moderation and analysis by « senior » research team, involved from A to Z in the project
  • « Tailor made » report with actionable conclusions and recommendations